Corporate law

  • assistance in incorporating partnerships and companies, as well as associations, foundations and employers’ associations
  • providing day-to-day corporate law services, e.g. drafting corporate document relating to the operation of the company (regulations, policies etc.)
  • providing legal advisory to governing bodies of companies, including assistance during meetings of shareholders, meetings of the supervisory board or the management board
  • conducting due diligence for the purposes of planned transactions or restructuring processes
  • legal assistance in mergers, divisions, transformation and liquidation of companies
  • advising on the disposal of shares, as well as on the sale of a business or an organised part of a business
  • providing day-to-day advisory services with regard to operations of associations, foundations and employers’ associations
  • representing Clients in proceeding before common courts, e.g. in company registration procedure, proceedings within the scope of liabilities of board members as well as corporate disputes between shareholders or between a shareholder an d a company


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