Sports law

  • advising in the scope of legal regulations of sports associations such as the Polish FA, FIFA, UEFA, the Polish Volleyball Federation, and the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Association
  • providing legal assistance to sports clubs, individual sportsmen, coaches, sports managers as well as other entities conducting their business activity in the sports industry
  • representing Clients in proceeding before internal bodies of sports associations, including the Games Committee and the Disciplinary Committee of the Polish FA, the Court of Arbitration of the Polish FA, the Polish Football Association Tribunal, the Tribunal of the Polish Automobile and Motorcycle Association, the Court of Arbitration for Sports Affairs at the Polish Olympic Committee, as well as other committees and agencies of sports associations
  • providing legal opinions and participating in negotiations concerning sports law contracts, in particular professional sports contracts (contract with players and sportsmen), sponsorship agreements, transfer agreements, contracts between managers and sportsmen


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